Be Gone

by Pit Folk

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Be Gone Synopsis:

In 2012 we sold everything we owned. We moved into a bus and began touring the country full-time, nonstop; no turning back. 3 years later, here we are, only we are not the same people who left Philly with only backpacks and our instruments. How could we be? We even have a new band name, “Pit Folk!”

There is no way to fully describe the amount of character building, work ethic, strength, stamina or outright balls of steel we’ve had to summon to make a go of this dream. It is a wonderful, terrifying, joyful, frustrating, beautiful, painful, challenging, humbling, awe-inspiring experience to live and do something that you’ve always wanted to do.

Living your dream does not mean “living THE dream.” There is no such thing. All dreams are filled with elements that are deeply unglamorous and difficult. The question is; can you handle those difficulties with grace and still want to forge ahead, nothing stopping you? For us, the answer is absolutely!

When you find yourself in the right place, not everyone will join you there. As your margin for possibilities opens, your window for bullshit and negative people begins to close. There is no time for it.

The things you used to spend hours, days or even years worrying about; all the hurt, anger, injustices and emotional scars you’ve carried with you slowly begin to come clear. You realize that time spent agonizing over this stuff is time wasted and you want better for yourself. You are worth more. You are beautiful and unique and have more to offer than you’ve been led to believe. You begin to tell the negative things, people and emotions you’ve been carrying with you to take a hike; be gone.

The song, “Be Gone” tells the story of this realization.

When you let go and allow only good people, positive things, good energy and productive endeavors into your time and space, a new, colorful and exiting world begins to take shape.

For us, it’s the people who give us good energy during our set and really listen to the songs and words we’ve poured our hearts into; the people who download our music, share it and rally new people to come out to our shows.

It’s the people who hang out and stay up way past their bedtimes swapping stories and sharing laughs until the sun comes up. It’s the people who’ve fed us, clothed us, let us stretch in their living rooms and do laundry.

It’s the amazing musicians, promoters and owners across this country who have invited us into their venues, shared the stage with us and made us feel at home so far away from home.

You know who you are. We humbly thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!


Be Gone Lyrics:

If you’re gonna come my way
Better hope that you’re not fake
Down to your skin and bones
Cause I’ve been down that road
And I’m growing old

And I’m short on time
And I don’t have a dime to name
Better never ask me, “What’s your line?”
What’s your line?
Cause I’m reading all of them
In between the ones that you’re too chicken shit to say
I’m not some game you play
If you can’t listen to what I’ve got to say
Then Be Gone
Be Gone

I’ve come too far
There’s more to me than what’s illuminated
In this bar
I swear I’ve heard it all
So if your pitch involves a strategic fall
And money I don’t have
Cause I’ve got none at all
We’ve got no business
We’ve hit a wall

You don’t have to cut me down to size
I’m short enough up against all these guys
But hey, at least I try
So take your negativity and go
Anywhere but right here at this show
And Be Gone
Be Gone
Be Gone
Be Gone


released March 10, 2016
Written by: Andra Taylor
Arranged by: Andra Taylor and Nate Dodge
Recorded and Produced by: Andra Taylor and Nate Dodge
Produced and Mixed by: Brandon Fucello


all rights reserved



Pit Folk Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Pit Folk is the collaboration of Andra Taylor and Nate Dodge. Defying the mold and genre-bending between Indie, Americana and Alternative styles; Pit Folk is a rhythmic, foot-tapping-inducing non-stop touring fusion. Fueled by unique guitar and bass work, thumping porch board, analog synthesizer, luminous vocals and harmonies, for which the lyrics are the backbone; Pit Folk embodies the groove. ... more

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